When you’ve got more time than money, binge on TV

Time. Time is on my side. Yes it is. What happens when you have way too much time and no income to speak of? You catch up on a few series that your friends and family have been recommending. First, you have to game the system. I cancelled my cable years ago. I still had internet but once I got laid off, I cancelled that too. Now I mooch off of my neighbor. I do pay for my own Netfix subscription but as far as Hulu and activating other Comcast Chicklets like HBO and Showtime, that is when I get by on a little help from my friends.

System gamed.

Now, let’s get those recommended shows lined up for maximum binging while simultaneously job hunting on the couch. First stop Homeland. Six seasons. That is a lot of couch hours. Perfect! Next stop is the second season of Broadchurch. Brilliant! I love BBC shows. Tonight I am breaking in Person of Interest for the first time. The pilot episode is not a strong showing so far but I trust the Netflix rating system and they think I will rate it above 4 stars. I’ll stick with it. My glory will be an entire five, count them five, glorious seasons.

Peppered in between the season binges I also did one episode of Black Mirror and Making a Murderer, of course. I guess I should also give some time to Serial. I am not one for podcasts but I have heard too many good things to pass it up.

As much as I want an income again, I think I will miss my couch and my episode binging once I finally land a job. Time or money. I never seem to have both. I guess this is the FUN part of FUNemployment. I still wish I had more money than time but that’ll do pig. That’ll do.