Oakland has some great beer bars

I like beer. Sometimes I even make my own. If there is one thing that Oakland has been great at lately, it is coming up with new beer places. One way that my friends like to experience beer places is to have a crawl. Oakland has a great landscape for a crawl. Let’s go over the obvious route.

Start at Commonwealth. Get some food with your beer. Ross and Ahna, as well as the entire staff, will treat you right. After your meal, continue down Telegraph Ave. toward Jack London Square (JLS). A quick stop at The Double Standard is in order. If it is a nice day, head outside towards the back yard and hang out there. Next stop is The Good Hop. Great beer and bottles to enjoy there or to go with you home. After The Good Hop, head to Telegraph Beer Garden. If you are hungry again, try something off of the menu. Lots of great choices. Our next stop is Diving Dog. Large bar with lots of beers to choose from. There is something for everyone. You can sneak in a quick stop at Woods. After that mosey on down to The Trappist.

That ends the high-brow suggestions. The night must end in one of two places, if you were me. Either head on down farther towards JLS towards Merchants and close it down. Or perhaps, double back to Radio and end the night dancing your ass off until the bright lights come up and they tell you to drink up, it’s time to go home. You are welcome.